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Set in a “western” decor, come meet the cowboys and Indians and live a Far West adventure from the 19th century.
At 11, 3 & 5pm: BIG SHOW
The Gold Rush
Winning over these new territories with the promise of being wealthy and successful drove many of them to dire frustration. Experience the tough adventures of these gold-diggers ready for anything to reach this new Eldorado.
Fist fights, gun shots and dramatic turns etc … a lively narrative strewed with fantastic lines and spectacular surprises.
Funny, action-packed … a show for both the young and old!
Ongoing throughout the day
1. Educational and participative workshops for the whole family.
 The history of the Native Americans, those who were called “Amérindiens”
The Conquest of the Far West and the Indian tragedy.
Under a tepee, come discover through numerous authentic objects (axe, peace pipes, feathers, headdresses, knives, coins, bows and arrows, tomahawks and costumes, etc) the history and traditions of the North American natives and the consequences tied to the European colonization.
 Go West! ...
The Conquest of the Far West and the American expansion.
Come discover the adventurous life of these everyday heroes (pioneers, trappers, gold-diggers, cowboys, land-clearers, railway builders, oil explorers, sheriffs, outlaws, judges, bluecoats, etc) who embarked onto covered wagons, trains and boats to conquer the wild west and became the “fathers” of the American nation.
At 12, 2, 4 and 6pm – lasts 45 minutes
1. Cowboy bivouacs
Enjoy seeing different kinds of bows and arrows and test your skills at archery, rifle-shooting and suction dart guns.
2. “Saloon” games and the “Gold-diggers”
Take a stop at a saloon to play cards, darts and roulette. The little explorers can have fun digging-up gold nuggets. Be like the real cowboys and throw the lasso and horseshoe.
3. Creative workshops
Make your own cowboy hat, dreamcatcher or Indian headdress.
Cie Armédia
Cie Armédia
Décoration de couronne
Free entry with the Museums-PASS-Musées
Monday - Friday: 10:00-19:00
Sunday: 10:00-19:00

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