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Christine Streuli: Lange Arme, kurze Beine

Streuli’s wide-ranging oeuvre beguiles the eye with
vibrantly coloured, mostly monumental all-over paintings,
which draw from a rich vocabulary of symbols, quotations,
patterns, motifs and ornaments. Through their multiple
layers, the colour-intensive, energy-charged works convey
a feeling of both order and chaos at once. They mesmerise
and tempt viewers in for a closer look, while at the
same time raising topical questions regarding the nature
and craft of painting and how we deal with all the imagery
we are inundated with in our daily surroundings.
„Heavy File“, 2019, Mixed Media auf Leinwand, Folie auf Leinwand und direkt auf der Wand, 500 x 800 cm

46.755953, 7.633904