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La Marseillaise

Composed in 1792 by Rouget de Lisle for the Army of the Rhine in
Strasbourg, La Marseillaise, originally a battle hymn, later became
world-famous as a revolutionary paean. With the election of a Republican
president in 1879, it became the French national anthem. This exhibition
will adopt a broadly multidisciplinary approach to the subject, exploring
its historical, musical and visual aspects from the late 18th century to the
present day.

Organized by the City of Strasbourg Historical Museum, the exhibition’s
presentation will be adapted to each of its successive venues: the MAMCS,
the Marseille Museum of History and the Museum of the French Revolution -
Domaine de Vizille (Isère).
Isidore Pils (Paris, 1813 - Douarnenez, 1875), Rouget de Lisle chantant la Marseillaise pour la première fois, 1849. Dépôt du musée du Louvre à la Préfecture du Bas-Rhin, puis au Musée Historique de Strasbourg en 1929. Photo : M. Bertola