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Boarding now! For a marvellous adventure at the Musée du Jouet de Colmar. From 16 October 2019 to 20 September 2020, the temporary exhibition The Story of Aircraft offers a journey through the fascinating world of aeronautics through mythical and unusual aircraft toys.

Witnesses to an epoch and to technical and technological advances, the toys, presented chronologically, retrace the history of civil aviation.
From 1908 and the first aviation pioneers to 1976 and Concorde, the exhibition is a guaranteed ticket to adventure and travel.
Thanks to a private collection of more than 200 toys, your path through the exhibition is an invitation to discover an age of inventors, adventurers and heroes. The opportunity to take on board the fact that this major invention of the 20th century was followed step by step by toy manufacturers.

From flying machines to airships, taking in the first "mad aviators" such as Farman or Blériot, then past adventurers such as Mermoz or Saint-Exupéry and finishing up with the boom in air transport, this exhibition is the opportunity to take a three-stage journey of discovery of commercial air transport.

An amazing and fun visit for the passionate and the merely curious to dream and let yourself be carried away by the major epic of aviation. Sets in the form of small Playmobil vignettes punctuate your path round the exhibition and there is a children's games book for all budding pilots.

Around the exhibition

// A giant scripted set
Lego and Playmobil take part in a summit meeting in the air in a panoramic display cabinet. Produced by Claude Steiblé of the En Avant Figurines association.

// Old photographs from the collection of Tomi Ungerer
Discover a selection of photos and illustrations from the toy collection of Tomi Ungerer held at the Tomi Ungerer museum in Strasbourg.

// An arcade terminal
To play a classic shoot ‘em up game from 1982: Time Pilot

Our partners
Loan of toys and staging:
▄ Yves Metz, aviation toy collector
▄ Claude Steiblé from the association En avant figurines - landscape designer and creator of worlds
▄ The Tomi Ungerer Museum at Strasbourg
▄ The Fanabriques association
HISTOIRE D'AVIONS - exposition temporaire
Les pionniers de l'aviation
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