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Tribute to Tomi Ungerer

Illustration encounters
"Franck Hoppmann / Michel Kichka. In line with Tomi Ungerer"
This new edition of "Illustration encounters" is dedicated to Tomi Ungerer, who passed away in February 2019. In this particular context, two artists, in line with the Strasbourg illustrator, are presented at the Tomi Ungerer Museum.

"Tomi Ungerer Inside Out. Tomi Ungerer in the Museums of Strasbourg"
The collection of the Tomi Ungerer Museum is exhibited in other museums in the Strasbourg network. The project, designed in to pay tribute to Tomi Ungerer, aims to show the diversity of his work while making it resonate with the other collections of museums.
Michel Kichka, "Tomi, père de famille nombreuse", dessin pour l'exposition "Tomi Ungerer forever", 2016. Don Michel Kichka, 2016 (c) Michel Kichka

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